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  • Composting-With-Red-Wigglers---What-you-need-to-know - Featured Image

    Composting With Red Wigglers: What you need to know

    A Red Wiggler is a type of epigean earthworm or non-borrowing surface feeding worm. This species of worm is found close to the soil surface, where it can remain near to the source of decaying organic matter. It thrives where decaying plant or animal remains accumulate at ground level. So, you are likely to find…

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  • African-Night-Crawlers

    What Are the Best Composting Worms?

    Composting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to rid yourself of kitchen scraps and get a rich dark soil in return. Compost worms eat organic waste from food and other sources and break it down. The waste is called castings, which is a rich form of soil. The soil has a higher level…

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  • How-to-start-worm-composting-beginners-guide-FI

    How to Start Worm Composting: Beginners Guide

    Worm composting is a wonderful way to help dispose of your home’s organic waste while helping the environment by limiting your waste that goes into landfills. You should have enough food and organic waste to keep a bin of composting worms with all the food they need to live a full life cycle. The benefit…

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  • How-to-Start-Home-Composting-for-Beginners

    How to Start Home Composting for Beginners

    Composting is a fantastic way to get rid of your food scraps and garden trimmings to improve the soil condition and provide fertilizer for plants and crops. An added benefit is that composting can eliminate the need for chemical plant foods which can be harmful to both people and pets. Therefore, composting not only reduces…

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